What is the Halloween Parade?

After a very successful Halloween Parade last year, the Iron Mountain LMA Events committee is hosting another Halloween Parade this year.  The Halloween Parade consists of several volunteers and their floats or decorated vehicles traveling along a dedicated route, tossing candy and treats to families within the community!  

Taking feedback and experience from our first parade, we have decided to consolidate the parade route to ensure our volunteer vehicles and floats do not lose the group and are able to complete the parade.  Additionally, we are working to improve the communication between vehicles and most importantly MORE CANDY!! 

How do I register to particpate?

Registration is VERY simple!  Click on the button below the way in which you wish to participate.  Complete the form and wait for the events committee’s next instructions.  We will hold several virtual meetings to communicate ideas and solidify our plans for the big day.  It is a TEAM effort and everyone is welcome to participate in the discussions and planning for the event.  

What will be different this year?

One of the biggest challenges last year was the size of the parade route.  This year, we have consolidated the parade route.  There will still be AMPLE space for the community to join and participate in the parade.  

By consolidating the parade route, we hope that every participant will be able to make it to the end of the parade.  Several volunteers last year had to leave prematurely for many reasons.  This year, we are hoping to solve that issue.  We will not be traveling through each of the villages this year.  As much as we loved it and wish we could do it again, it is just too much for the horses, classic vehicles, and walking performers to endure.  

What's in it for me?

Aside from the exhilarating feeling and witnessing firsthand the absolute joy in the faces of the families lined up along the road way, we are offering prizes for the BEST FLOAT and BEST VEHICLE!  

Before the parade begins, we will take photos of each and every participant (Decorated Vehicle).  After the parade, they will be posted on the website with a poll to see which float and vehicle was the community favorite!  

The Best Float winner will receive a $300 VISA Gift Card.

The Best Vehicle winner will receive a $100 VISA Gift Card.  

When Is the Parade?

When:  Saturday, October 30th, 2021 @ 12PM
Where:  Iron Mountain Ranch – Located Northwest Las Vegas, NV
How Long: Approx. 2 Hours Total
How Far: 2.5 Miles Round Trip
Registration Ends: October 15th, @ 12AM

What can I do?

Great Question!!  We need VOLUNTEERS!!  If you, your family, employer or business wish to participate in the parade.  We have plenty of options! 

  • First, we would absolutely love to have you/your team to build a float and drive through the parade with us!  The experience is exhilarating! 
  • Second, if building a float is not your forte, decorate your vehicles and drive through with us.  If you have a classic car, shine her up and join us.  Tossing candy from your vehicles and waving to all of the smiling children lined up along the roadway! 
  • Third, DONATE!!  If you are able, donate money, candy or treats that can be tossed from the floats or vehicles.  This year, the events committee will be doubling the candy purchase as we ran out last year.  We hope to not have that problem this year.  Of course, donations of all kinds are welcome so we can ensure the children and families that participate in the parade all are able to get some treats!  
  • Lastly, VOLUNTEER!  We would love to pair you up with those who are building a float.  They might need some help to build or just participate on the float during the day of the parade.  Maybe you want to take video for us.  Assist in traffic/crowd control.  Such a large event, requires lots of volunteers! 

Countdown Until Parade

Planning Meetings

Planning meetings are crucial to the success of the event.  They provide an opportunity for the entire group of participants to chime in with ideas and solutions to ensure we have a smooth event.  Each participant is provided ample opportunity to contribute to the event.  The general guidelines have been established, but ways to make the event perfect is made possible by these meetings.  The planning meetings have been scheduled for the following times:

  • September 2nd @ 6PM
  • September 16th @ 6PM
  • September 30th @ 6PM
  • October 14th @ 6PM
  • October 21st @ 6PM- *Physical Meeting @ Shadow Ridge High School
  • October 28th @ 6PM

Each registered participant will be sent an email with scheduling information prior to the meeting.  Each of the meetings will be conducted over Zoom.  The meeting invitation will be sent out the night before the actual meeting.  So please mark your calendars accordingly.  This year, in addition to the Zoom calls.  We will hold the last meeting both Virtually and Physically at Shadow Ridge High School.  During this meeting, we will physically drive the Parade Route together.  Each person follow along as we drive the route.  This will ensure that each participant is aware of the general path of the parade.  

Proposed Parade Route

The parade route totals 2.5 Miles long.  Starting at Shadow Ridge High School.  Traveling through Village 9, North on Bradley, West on Iron Mountain Road, South through Villages 11, 10 and 6, East on Horse, North on Bradley, East on Brent and Returning to Shadow Ridge High School.  

Estimated time is 2 hours from staging to the completion of the parade.  The Parade Route will be marked the day before with signs indicating the path.