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Iron Mountain LMA Easter 2021

Special thanks to the men, women and families that dedicated their time to make this such a success!  It was great to see all the amazing families in this community who attended.  We greatly appreciate it.  As we work towards new and different events, I love to share how impactful these events are to the families within the community!  A “FREE” event to the homeowners in the community is a great way to bring the community together.  Meet your neighbors and spend time with your friends.  We absolutely love to be part of the absolute joy these events bring!  So please keep it going, and please do not hesitate to share your opinions and suggestions to improve on events or ideas for different events!  We are all open to new and different and making the events more and more accepted!  

Please enjoy the video created by an Anonymous attendee of the event.  Love that it shows how much fun the families had searching for over 4000 eggs!