What Village am I in?

Iron Mountain Ranch is composed of nine Villages containing 1703 homes.  By far one of the largest communities in the valley.  Our nine Villages are part of a Landscape Maintenance Association.  What is that you might ask?  Well, Landscape Maintenance Associations are not quite an HOA.  HOA (Home Owners Associations) have to follow CCNR’s and Bylaws to include punishing homeowners for various violations upon their property.  With an LMA (Landscape Maintenance Association) we are only responsible for common elements, parks and green belts.  We have no jurisdiction over a homeowners property!  So that means, you are not likely to receive a letter from the LMA with a fine.  However, we do under the law have certain privileges to impose fines and levy a homeowners property should the homeowner damage common elements or violate any of the safety standards listed in our Bylaws or CCNR’s.  For example, should you decide to jackhammer the sidewalk in front of your home and leave the debris without fixing the sidewalk, we can request that you repair the damage yourself, or if we must repair it, we will levy a fine against the property of the homeowner.  

So what do you do about neighborhood eyesores?  Out of control landscaping?  These issues can be reported to the City of Las Vegas.  Although we do not have the ability to hold homeowners accountable for their property, the City of Las Vegas surely does have the ability to cite a homeowner for excessive weeds, parking a car on blocks, parking a car on the landscaping, abandoned vehicles and so on.  Many of the citations issued by an HOA are simply city ordinances and homeowners are subject to penalties by the City of Las Vegas for violating those ordinances.  

One of the many questions we receive most often is, which Village am I in?  This is a great question and can often be very complicated to answer.  Please see the maps below as a guide to see which Village you are located in!  

Village 1 - Major Cross Streets Jones/Grand Teton
Village 4 - Major Cross Streets Decatur/Grand Teton - North Side
Village 6 - Major Cross Streets Bradley/Horse
Village 9 - Major Cross Streets Brent/Thom - West of Shadow Ridge High School
Village 11 - Major Cross Streets Jones/Iron Mountain Road
Village 2 - Major Cross Streets Decatur/Grand Teton - South Side
Village 5 - Major Cross Streets Decatur/Horse
Village 7 - Major Cross Streets Decatur/Brent - South of Shadow Ridge High School
Village 10 - Major Cross Streets Bradley/Iron Mountain Road